Meet Kate Elfatah

Assisting businesses in the Lehigh Valley and Beyond…..

HoM Consulting is at the forefront of today’s marketing technology, paving the way for small and midsize businesses to reach their target audience.

Kate Elfatah, founder of HoM Consulting, a digital marketing firm, began mentoring small businesses with her expertise in digital marketing and branding in 2011 using proven techniques that have catapulted her own businesses to a national level. An early social media pioneer, Kate Elfatah, mastered social media marketing and turned a weekend hobby into two growing and viable businesses. This was achieved with a small budget and a healthy dose of determination. Kate has paved the way, done the ground work and has a proven track record of success. She is now sharing her knowledge with other businesses, setting them up for success in a market that is in constant change.

HoM Consulting will assist you in planning a custom digital marketing strategy which will put you on the path to increase market and customer awareness for revenue growth and visibility. Working on all social media platforms, HoM Consulting will work with you on a personal level and show you the tools to understand metrics and critical data that will analyze your business progress.

We will incorporate your business vision with a digital marketing package using effective real time communication which can translate into customer loyalty and repeat business. Reach a varied demographic and open your business to regional and national sales. HoM Consulting will help you develop the skills you need to keep up with evolving technology. From email campaigns to setting up a social media page, HoM Consulting will show you efficient ways to spark interest and command attention.

Kate is also an experienced producer. Producing international celebrity and media events including during Sundance Film Festival. Kate has had international success with producing the Lehigh Valley based dance and comedy troupe, The Looking Glass Revue.


In 2017 her short film documentary, Small Town Diamonds, premiered during the Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France. Kate produced and directed the film.

Kate recently became the Live Entertainment Contributor at along with being a partner in 2GingTV and producer and developer of The Glitter Lowdown and other web series. 

Just some of our partners we like to lean on!