Instagram Story Ideas For Your Business


So you see everyone using Instagram Stories and you're intrigued. Instagram Stories provides a fresh way to engage and show off your product or services. Think of Instagram Stories as the Snapchat of Instagram, but in my opinion much better.  You should note the big difference from your Instagram Newsfeed vs. Stories is once you have uploaded a ‘Story’, that content will disappear in 24 hours. They don't stick around and are not accessible after that 24 hour period.

Do you want to know how you can use it for your business? We've put together some real quick an easy ways you can get started using Insta Stories for your business. 

  1. Show them who you are in action. Stories allow you to take people behind the scenes of your business. Look, we all want to see how that thing is made or what you do as a morning ritual.  Brands have to get personal to stand out. This is a great opportunity to shine the light on your business or brand with some behind the scene photos, videos, etc. Post them to Stories and have fun with it. Remember they are only around for 24 hours so this is the time to have fun with what you're posting. 
  2. New Product or Service launch. Stories are a great way to show off a new up and coming product or service. This allows followers to create an early buzz for you too. Get them excited about what's coming. 
  3. Promote your event. Stories are awesome to spotlight an up and coming event. You can do this leading up to the event with your promo creative pieces and then the day of the event, Show the people what they are missing so they don't miss the next one. Include and tag people that are attending, you can do that with the tools Stories offer. Tag those influencers that are in attendance. 
  4. Sales or Promos. You're having a sale here is where you can let them know. Don't junk up your feed with promo or sale creatives instead you can post several times a day using Stories. There is an option for tagging products too. Learn more about how you can tag products on Instagram HERE.
  5. A Takeover. This is very popular and great for new businesses that may not have a lot of followers. Have a guest take over your Instagram for a day. They post your Instagram Stories all day. Make sure you're picking a leader that makes sense in your industry and someone that is known in your community. 
  6. Giveaways and Contest. An awesome way to do giveaways and run contests is through Stories. Show the giveaway and prizes along with the rules all on your Stories. Be clear and make sure it makes sense for your brand.
  7. Traveling adventure. If you're taking a trip sharing your adventure via Stories will definitely create a nice buzz for you and what you're doing. 

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