6 Facebook Contests You Should Run Today

Brands and businesses are always looking for ways to increase engagement on their Facebook Pages. Sharing content, doing video and sharing photos is something that’s easy enough to schedule or post, but running a contest may be something you have not tried. No matter what kind of business you are, you can run a successful, easy contest on your Facebook page.

The more engagement you have on your page the better your ranking will be. What does that mean? Facebook uses Machine Learning, which is an algorithm that has more than 1000 factors involved. Engagement is a piece of this algorithm. Facebook uses this to make determinations on delivering your content organically (what’s left of this anyway).

(Note: you’ve heard of EdgeRanking, but this algorithm has been dead in the Facebook world for quite some time. The word is still used to suggest ranking but the technical EdgeRanking is not used.)


First, let me just mention a few things before I give you some concepts that are used.

  • Please make sure that the prize you are giving away matches what you’re asking people to do. If you’re giving away a coupon asking your followers to participate in a photo contest where they have to get likes on their photos etc, it may not be enough. Make sure you think it through on the prize piece to your contest.
  • Be clear on your contests of when they start and when they end and exactly how they must enter to win along with how they would go about claiming their prize. You don’t want the winner to have to reach out to you for clarification or next steps. Make it clear in your launch what they can expect if they win.
  • Don’t ask too much of someone. Overall, don’t ask them to do 10 things to get entered. It’s social media. Unless you’re giving away a car or 10k, keep it simple and dumb it down.
  • Take time on the graphic(s) that you use for your contest. You need to make it appealing for someone to stop and take notice to your contest. Make it look spiffy, sleek or cool.
  • Follow through after the contest. Thank everyone and make a big deal about the winner.
  • Don’t just do it once and done. You may not be successful the first time, or even the second time, but keep at it. People will catch on.
  • You will need to moderate and monitor. Running a contest on Facebook means you’ll have to keep your eye on things until the contest is done. So a bit more work, make sure you pick a contest that you can manage and maintain. You don’t want to bite off more than you can manage. If you’re already having a hard time responding timely or responding make sure you pick something that is easy to handle.
  • You’ll need a semi decent fan base for this to be successful. Not only in numbers but in qualified followers.

Below you’re going to find a few simple and easy to execute contest “concepts” for you to start using right away on your Facebook Business Page.

  1. Like And Win – The most common contest that you’ll see being used on Facebook is the Like To Win contest. Simple enough, your follower(s) only need to Like the post to be entered to win. The key to this is all in the image (or video). Have it make sense for someone to like the post.
  2. Comment and Win – Just like the Like To Win Contest, this works the same way, but the contestant must comment on the post. Again, focus on the graphic and image that you’re asking someone to comment on. This can be serious about your business (maybe a new, what do you think of this new product) or it can fun and humorous (great for holidays).
  3. Fill In the Blank – We’ve all probably participated in some of these. Ask them to fill in the blank to a statement or sentence. The best results will be things that are actually very easy to answer. The idea here is to get the comment in your feed, not to stump someone. Don’t make it obscure, make it easy for someone to find the answer (unless that’s what your business is, to stump people).
  4. Photo Contest – One of my favorites. This is a fun way to engage with your fans or customers. Ask them to post a photo and you can either pick the winner yourself or even better, the photo with the most likes wins. This allows them to solicit likes from their friends list. If they want to win they will ask for the likes and share. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel.
  5. Caption This Photo – Another fun way to engage. Have a silly photo? Have your fans to put a caption on it. The idea gets people creative and at time silly. What I find is if someone puts a caption that they think is witty or smart they tag their friends to see it. People like to know they were/are funny. You can select a winner by the one that is the best, most likes, etc.
  6. Crowdsource – You can use your fans by asking them a question to help you make a decision. This could be something like a new product design, colors to something or even a new logo or branding design. You present options and they pick their favorite to help you develop you or your business. This accomplishes not only engagement but also finding and collecting data on your fans and what they like or don’t like. This here is one of my favorites. DON’T FORCE THIS! Make it real, don’t force it, it will show. This should be natural and something that is actually relevant to you or your business.

Get out there and try one or all of these out and see what works best for you. Keep at it. You may have some wacky contests that don’t go over so well but don’t let that discourage you. You’ll get better at doing them, from images to moderating, keep at it and good luck.