8 Tips To Grow Your Email List


Email marketing is still an effective piece of any business marketing plan. Having a list of customers, potential customers or fans where you can engage with them directly via their inbox is one of the most impactful ways you can build and cultivate that relationship. Using an email marketing platform is the first step, but getting a good list going and growing can be difficult for any new business.

I always tell clients this is the one thing you truly OWN! You own the list. Put effort into the things you can control. Social media is great, but you don’t own Facebook or Instagram. They can make changes to the platform that can leave you out in the cold, but if you have a good list, you’re never gonna lose sight of your customers/fans.

I’ve put together some useful ways you can grow that list.

  1. You need a sign-up form that’s user-friendly. Yeah, that is simple enough. You have to have a way for them to sign up so you need to create a form within your email marketing platform. This should be very easy and friendly to use. Tip: Don’t make this long. Ask for the information you truly need. They are just getting to know you so they may not trust you completely with a lot of information.
  2. Ask your customers. This is especially useful if you’re a retail store. Make it easy for them to give you that info at checkout. Be clear with what they will be receiving by giving you this information. Will you provide information about sales, special offers or useful information they can’t-do without? Make it enticing.
  3. Dangle a carrot. People tend to want to give you their email if they know they will receive something right away.
    • Contests
    • Giveaways
    • Freebies
    • Coupons
    • Offers
  4. Geofencing (Beacon) and Wifi Marketing tools. If you’re a local business there are so many new options with geofencing or wife marketing programs that allow your customers to walk through your door and they can be notified of a special offer or deal via their cell phones. All they have to do is register, which in return is collecting their email address to be added to your database. This is a growing industry and for the right business, this is the way to go. I’ve seen huge returns on these platforms. If you’re offering FREE Wifi within your store make sure you have a place for them to register so that you get that email.
  5. Add your email sign up to your social media accounts. Facebook makes this really easy with integrations for most email platforms. Have a call to action on your page.
  6. Add a popup to your website. Another really great way to collect those emails. They already are on your website, so they are interested. Now have a popup that offers them something in return for their email. Don’t forget to also have a place to sign up on your site along with the popup. Popup boxes are normally set to show at the designated times you tell it to (first time only, after a minute, never show again, etc) so make sure you have another place on your site for people to sign-up.
  7. Promote your newsletter. Share on your social media about how awesome your newsletters are and the information that you share. Let people know what they will receive if they sign up.
  8. Events/Tickets – If you have events make it so people must register, regardless if it’s free. If you’re charging for tickets, whatever you’re using to collect monies should also allow you to collect emails. You can import that list at a later date into your email marketing platform.

If you have not selected an email marketing platform yet, the above should help you in making a decision. Make sure you pick a platform that can help you with integration, growth, and autoresponders, especially if you’re giving away something for free when someone signs up. Make sure this will be easy for you to manage. Some upfront work, but once done should run smoothly without much interference.

You have a lot to say and to share with your customers/fans but you need a way to connect with them.