Just because you built it doesn't mean they will come. Your business or brand could be the best product or service on the planet. How will you let people know about it? Yell from a top of a mountain top? Take out an ad in a newspaper? Hope to see followers and results from social media? Work with a team that understands how it all works. Below are a few ways we can assist you.

Business or Brand Marketing

Marketing, that’s a huge and complex word to use when it comes to Small Business.  HoM Consulting takes a no nonesense approach to Marketing your Business. We get to know your business so that we can consult you on the best avenues when it comes to marketing and digital media. We understand that businesses need to understand their financial investment into their marketing and where the dollars should be spent. We will help you spend marketing dollars where we know it can work.

HoM Consulting can provide marketing assistance:

  • Plan and Budget your marketing plan.
  • Create and develop a marketing plan. You can’t start without a plan.
  • Marketing materials
  • Assist your business on keeping on track with your campaigns.
  • Develop a creative and idealistic approach to your marketing plan.
  • Understand your customer base, not only demographic information but their behavior.
  • Implement and execute your marketing plan strategically so that you can measure what’s working.
  • This list could go on an on…..

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is still the #1 way to keep in touch with your customers or potential customers. An easy way to create continued engagment with those that have an interest in what your business in providing. Email Marketing is quick and easy, affordable, measurable, builds relationships, expands your reach and it JUST WORKS!

HoM Consulting can assist you in your Email Marketing:

  • Set up your business on an email marketing platform
  • Grow your list of subscribers and build your relationships with your list using strategic process and methods proven to work
  • Create content for your emails using proven methods
  • Brand your emails to mirror your current branding
  • Measure your results (opens, clicks, etc)
  • Send your emails for you. Working together with your current Marketing Editorial Calendar

Social Media/Digital Marketing

There is no way around it, it’s not going anywhere. Social Media is here to stay and all Small Business owners need to hear me say it loud and clear, “It’s a no brainer to use it to execute and implement your marketing plan.”

Social Media is NOT a Marketing Plan, but they are platforms/tools to use to execute and implement your marketing plan along with building a community of fans, followers and customers. It’s where you can be REAL and share your message in a very inexpensive way.

HoM Consulting can help you get SOCIAL:

  • Setup and create your social media platforms
  • Train you on how to use these platforms for your business
  • Coordinate your social channels
  • Post and engage on your social media platforms for you
  • Integrate your current marketing plan into your social media platforms
  • Grow your followers/fans
  • Make you an industry leader in your area of expertise using your social media platforms
  • Create content for your social media platforms
  • Measure what is working
  • Ad creation to be used on social media platforms
  • Monthly reporting of your social media
  • Create original content to be shared
  • Consistency in posting to your platforms

Influencer Marketing

There is no way around it, with social media people listen to what people say. Influencer marketing is a way of marketing where you as a business or brand can leverage those that are considered influential. The process of influencer marketing begins with identifying the target influencer that has a reach and a voice to your potential buyers.  

There are two types of infuencer marketing: earned influencers and paid influencers. They speak for themselves. HoM Consulting can help you cultivate those relationships on both sides and have your brand leverage those that can be persuasive to your target audience.