New Year New Coat Of Paint - Brand Messaging Special Offer

You will receive:

  • 2 One on One Meetings with Kate to creatively and strategically walk you through your brand messaging needs.

  • Content suggestions for your marketing

  • Review of your current marketing efforts/brand messaging used

  • HoM Consulting Brand Messaging Document

  • COST - $199 (Normally $399)

What is Brand Messaging? Brand messaging is the voice and language one uses when convincing, motivating or influencing a potential consumer. It is your value proposition.

Why Is Brand Messaging Needed?

  • It’s important for your entire team to be on the same page with what you’re conveying and the voice and language that you speak. If you’re saying one thing as your pitch and your employees are saying another because they assume something, it won’t help brand your business appropriately.

  • It’s easy to talk about yourself. Having a detailed brand messaging built out allows you to get rid of that writers block. It allows you and your team to now have easy content to write about on your social media, print and other marketing avenues.

  • Those that are selling with be way more effective. A cohesive message will not only help your sales but your over all customer service. It’s when there are grey areas with your service or products that get you into trouble.

  • It allows you to have an effective marketing strategy. You can’t really market your product or service if you don’t understand the basics about your message.

Who? Products, Services, Retail, Ecommerce, Public Figures. If you’re a business owner you are a brand and you need a brand message.