Business Public Relations

Kate Elfatah has built businesses on her and her teams great work using Public Relations. Your business needs to create a buzz and grab attention.

Kate’s experience directly in this field for many years for her business House of Minerva has proven that good PR and an understanding of drawing attention to her brand is what exactly has assisted in the success of House of Minerva Designs.

Her work ongoing with some of the top PR teams from the east to west coast allows your brand or business to have access to many options and opportunities her and the team can offer. From branding opportunities at events to gaining media attention in the news, she can assist you in directing your business.

Kate’s great PR team has landed her to producing her own events including in 2014 her Social Film Loft and 2015 Bang and Olofusen House by EMERGE during Sundance Film Festival in Park City Utah. Along with the successful lounge she was invited to be included on a live spot on KTLA TV during the event. Just some of the celebrities that stopped by or had their press junkets and media junkets at her lounge include: Michael C. Hall, Lindsay Lohan, Elijah Wood, even gaining some exposure on the Own Networks reality show Lindsay Lohan.

Personal PR

Sometimes you are the business. Kate can help you with your personal brand with some homegrown Public Relations. 

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